AFSL Holders

CPD Anytime now provides AFSL Holders real time oversight and reporting of ALL CPD activity conducted by their network.

You will now have ongoing, real time access to all CPD Activity. This solution is designed to compliment your existing compliance platform. All data can be exported in a CSV or PDF File.

How Does it work?

The solution is split into 2 parts:

Data entry via a mobile app for brokers and AR’s

The app allows insurance brokers to collect and track CPD points across all providers & training methods via:

QR Scan Code

Tap and go at PD Days, conferences, webinars, insurer training days. Points are instantly issued and the brokers training register is automatically updated.

Manual Upload with Photo

When a QR scan code is not available, the broker can manually record training in the app and attach a photo as evidence of completion. This photo is attached to the training register and can easily be called up in the future.

A Web Portal for AFSL Holders

All CPD activity instantly flows through to a web portal for real time oversight and reporting. At anytime, you will be able to see

All reporting can be exported in a CSV or PDF file and uploaded into your existing compliance platform.

Contact us today to discuss how your brokerage can get set up on CPD Anytime.

Use our 'Tap and Go' technology to save time and money

You no longer have to manually create and email CPD certificates after your internal training.

How Does it Work?

  1. We provide you with a QR scan code for the training.
  2. The QR code can be used on TV screens, iPads or printed on paper.
  3. Brokers open the app and hit scan.
  4. Instantly, CPD points are allocated and the broker’s training register is updated.

Contact us today to discuss how your brokerage can get set up on CPD Anytime.