QR Scan Codes

An Industry first- Use our 'Tap and Go' technology for Instant CPD points.

Efficient for Brokers - instantly get your CPD certificate and your register is automatically updated.

Efficient for training providers - no more manually creating and emailing CPD certificates after your event or chasing up lost certificates! Receive a QR Scan user report after the event.

How Does it Work?

  • You host the event
  • We provide you with a QR scan code for the training
  • The QR code can be used on TV screens, iPads or printed on paper.
  • Brokers open the app and hit scan
  • Instantly, a CPD certificate is delivered to the user’s phone and the points are allocated to the broker’s training register.
  • Available for single use events
  • Available for use by Insurers, Licensees, Dealer groups and Educational
    content providers.

See How it Works

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